Air / O2 Blender Overhaul

How Often Do You PM Your Blenders?

Each blender manufacturer requires a complete overhaul every 2 years. Some facilities only test the output with an analyzer, but that’s not a guarantee that the unit is really working safely.

Patients have been injured due to faulty blenders that were not properly maintained. Seals and gaskets break down over time. How many blenders need servicing in your facility right now? Do you have the resources to properly service them every 2 years?

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This diaphragm was removed from a blender April 2018. This indicated the unit had not been serviced for almost 28 years.
This diaphragm was removed from a blender in October 2014. This unit was heavily contaminated and appeared to have been exposed to water internally.
O-rings break down over time potentially entering the flow, then the patient via the lungs.

So, why use FOBI?

Proper service requires special tools and can be very difficult due to the large numbers of small parts. Our experienced and trained technicians have mastered this process and charge less than most internal Biomeds would charge in billable hours. We also do a large volume and have lower parts costs than most facilities.

FOBI offers:

  • Complete disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning
  • All seals, filters, and diaphragms replaced
  • Testing and calibration to OEM spec
  • Quick turn-around – Usually within 1 week or less
  • Factory trained technicians
  • PM service documentation included
FOBI Medical no longer overhauls the Bird big block oxygen blender.  Parts are no longer being made for these units and they are not supported by Bird.  Thank you.

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