Need a helping hand?

Depot Service

Overworked & Understaffed?

You just don’t have the time, parts or comfort level to repair certain devices.

Onsite Service

Too many projects, but too little manpower?

Temporary Biomedical Services

Need to PM thousands of infusion pumps or a hundred defibrillators next month?

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands to fill in the gaps. FOBI Medical’s Quick Response Teams (QRTs) are fully trained and qualified to help keep your department on track.

Long-Term Biomedical Services

Have a small hospital, multiple clinics or surgery centers you just cannot cover with your current manpower?

FOBI Medical can schedule a full-time technician for your facility. A technician dedicated to your specfic needs who works as part of your staff.

Surgical Boom and Light Service

Extend the life of your surgical booms, lights and tables.

Preventive Maintenance


Service or Repair


Installation or Removal


Replacement Parts


FOBI Medical has the expertise to solve your problem.